About us

Welcome to World Justice Network Society, a community driven social project with a goal to disrupt the inefficiencies in the justice delivery system across the world.

The purposes of the Society are:

  1. World Justice Network Society is a collective of do gooders who want to help the world get better through various initiatives and endeavours.
  2. Our goals and objectives are to initiate and/or support – projects and/or programs – run by our team of employees/contractors and/or volunteers as well as individuals and/or organizations working in the areas of addressing a wide variety of humanitarian crisis and human rights challenges including but not limited to
    the ones in the legislative processes/intent, criminal justice system (including law enforcement) and justice (delivery) across the world.
  3. We shall pursue our goals by any means permissible within the laws of Canada and anywhere else in the world where/who we intend to serve from our Canadian roots, through various methods including but not limited to development of tools & technology, development & spread of education, physical or virtual outreach, conducting research and/or publishing papers, reports, thought leadership and social/civic awareness/action.
  4. For the purposes of foregoing, we may
    4.i. undertake and/or support projects/programs,
    4.ii. raise funds (including but not limited to via grants, loans, financial aid, charitable donations, sales of products/services, event sponsorships),
    4.iii. provide financing (including but not limited to grants, loans, endowments, financial aid etc.)
    4.iv. Buy, sell, rent, lease, finance, refinance, hold assets/property of any/all types. We shall engage in any/all activity not described above, as long as it is consistent with our values and objectives within legal framework of our domicile, with individuals, government(s), organizations, that closely align to the objectives of our organization; and
    4.v. To transact any and all other lawful business for which organizations may be incorporated pursuant to the laws of the Society Act of BC as amended from time to time, as well as any successor acts.
  5. Notwithstanding any other clauses of this Constitution, all purposes shall be organized and operated exclusively for greater good of people and the planet.
  6. In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the Society, pursuant to the prevailing laws in Canada, its funds and assets remaining after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, shall be given or transferred to an organization domiciled in British Columbia Canada with similar purposes and/or track record.

We serve the purpose outlined above, in following 3 ways:

  1. Tools & Technology 
  2. Education / Outreach
  3. Platform for activism

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