Why India?

India is a country suffers from lack of legal education and awareness among masses, coupled with a corrupt police force & bureaucracy, incompetent/manipulative lawyers as well as acute structural challenges in the judicial institution. As a result of these circumstances, the world is facing a very unique modern day human rights crisis of epic proportion. Various quotes have been coined over the years in context of the English law (a colonial legislative and judicial system followed by Republic of India) such as:

  • Justice delayed is justice denied.
  • Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere.
  • It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.

In spite of the above, India has several under-trials imprisoned without bail and several innocents trapped in false cases and malicious prosecutions. Here are case pendency statistics updated daily by Government of India. There are approximately 34 Million cases pending in Indian Judiciary, which has more than 100 million (10 crore) litigants in limbo any where from 2 years to 25 years; depending on the type of litigation. To call it a national epidemic for India would be generous, because it has no longer remained India’s national problem. The judicial delays and extortion rackets as a result of malicious prosecutions in India have been affecting long Non-Resident Indians as well as Foreign Nationals living outside India.

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In light of the foregoing, we invite all good spirited souls around the world to contact us, join us and help those in need.

Justice Network is looking for good Samaritans and skilled professionals (programmers, business analysts, data scientists, cloud architects, lawyers, paralegals, content creators, researchers, management interns, social media and communications specialists, office space providers etc.) to volunteer with us and contribute your skills, passion, time, space and ideas to the various initiatives, so we can collectively help this world get to a better place.

Please join us and volunteer for the following programs, and help out the litigants and victims of India.

  1. Outreach Technology:
    Creating a technology platform that proactively tracks and existing and new crimes being registered reported and provides persons who are falsely accused with access to education, networking and support. For this we have to use Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and cloud. Please check out our postings for volunteer opportunities here.
  2. Education Technology:
    Once we have attention of the individuals, we have to educate them on the poor legislation, opportunities to improve the legislation, ways and means to do activism to change legislation, legal ways and approaches to defend themselves in judicial system against the corrupt police and rigged criminal justice system.
  3. Litigation Management via Technology :
    Provide them a platform (individualized case management system) where they can easily run their cases through standard templates and suggestive drafting, applicable sections of laws etc., by showing a road map of the entire judicial process and the time it may take to get the desired results.

So a lot of work needs to be done, lot of exciting things to be created, and amazing team to be built and collective spirits to be energized along the way. We are sure you will emerge as an even more happy person as a result of your association with these projects.

We know that you want to help others, and we are confident you’d connect with us using the boxes below.

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